Zephyr Technologies service offerings make a 360-degree focus on each work essential to ensure that our clients obtain business benefits possible. Zephyr Technologies’s services are beneficial to organizations who are just on their initial stage of an ERP project as well as those requiring aid during or after the implementation process.

-Elements of ERP Implementation Planning-
-Finalizing the business case
-Finalizing the real cost of ownership (TCO)
-Fix up ERP solution design
-Underlining bridged between requirements and system capabilities
-Noticing custom configuration requirements
-ERP project management
-Restructuring of business process and requirements
-Organizational change management including training, communications, stakeholder alignment initiatives, change impacts, etc.
-Legacy systems Integration with ERP
-Placing cutover strategies
-Placing data migration strategy

We serve you effectively to Connect with your customers more effectively and smartlyMoreover, we help you to make cost-effective financial operations as well.We can help you in managing professionally your back and front office operations in a systematic manner.

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